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Makes your client special

We increase Your sales

We ensure the loyalty of Your customers

We create Your competitive advantage

98 %

Of marketing specialists have confirmed that personalized communication has significantly improved customer relationships and increased their loyalty.

10-15 %

Of sales have increased in 80 percent of companies surveyed that used personalized communication.

5 min.

A delay in calling back a potential customer for so long reduces your sales chances by as much as 46%!

Futurus Call is worth a try for You if:

  • You want better results, but Your sales managers don’t always know how to sell the best;

  • You want to not only evaluate the performance of managers, but also understand why they succeed or fail;

  • You experience lack of speed in the sales process, slow response to inquiries, delayed callback;

  • The continuity of work with a potential customer is not maintainedin the sales process;

  • Managers don’t want to waste time completing CRM;

  • You have noticed losing out to competitors and losing customers.

When You start using Futurus Call:


We will record all incoming and outgoing calls. You will no longer have to manually enter in the CRM system exactly when, with whom and what was talked about - Futurus Call automates it all!


Before answering, You will see what You were talking about the last time on the phone screen. Futurus Call allows You to personalize customer service even more and pleasantly surprise them - the app will help You not only to remember the customer's name, but also other important little details.


You will protect Your customer base. A manager can quit their job, take their notes and phone with contacts in it, or take improper actions in CRM, but Futurus Call will keep the contacts and communication history of all customers - contacts are the property of the company, not the manager!


You will not miss a single request- Futurus Call will display the missed call until You call back. In addition, the app automatically calculates the tame it takes for You to respond.


Managers will be keen to embrace this innovation because Futurus Call reduces the burden of CRM compliance, saves them time and allows confident responding to customer calls, even if they have hundreds or thousands of them.


You will collect GDPR (BDAR) consents conveniently and quickly. With the help of the Futurus Call app, You will be able to collect customer consents for sending offers with the click of one button, thus avoiding the risk of receiving a 4% penalty from Your annual turnover.


You won't have to give up the CRM You‘re using – Futurus Call is an Android application that can be integrated with almost any modern CRM system.

Find out

how much You could increase the sales by using our smart tools


Try the Futurus Call tool for 3 months without any risk.

We guarantee that You will be satisfied with the results or we will refund Your money.

The only condition – to achieve best results, the Futurus Call tool must be installed and used by all Your sales managers during the trial period.


1. Why is it worth it to use the Futurus Call app?

First of all, 80% of the surveyed companies that used Futurus Call personalized communication received an increase in sales of 10-15%. In addition, we provide exceptional customer service, because with Futurus Call You will not only know Your customer's name, but also what You last talked to him about.

2. Will my investment really pay off?

MWe focus on creating value for the customer. We guarantee that this investment will not only pay off, but also take customer service to the next level. We offer You a free trial period of 3 months, after which, if You wish to cancel our service, we will refund the money You have paid.

3. Not sure if I need it?

Do You want to increase sales? Do You want to take customer service to the next level? Do You want to keep Your company's contacts so they would not get "taken away" by former employees? If You answered "Yes" at least once, we recommend trying Futurus Call for 3 months and see the benefits for yourself.

4. Why is there a specific and paid probationary period?

Efforts are needed to reap the real benefits. Unfortunately, if the app is only tested by a manager or a director, You will not notice the benefits. In order to achieve the obvious benefits of Futurus Call, the program must be used by the entire company team. By paying for the try, You will get the motivation to use the tool to the maximum and we guarantee – its benefits will pay off. If for any reason You decide that this tool is not for You, we will refund You (the money refunding warranty applies to a 3 month plan, more details are attached to the plan).

5. We work with another CRM. Can we use our CRM and Futurus Call?

Yes, Futurus Call can be integrated with another CRM system.

6. We are currently working with „Excel“. Will it be possible to move all contacts to it?

Futurus Call has automatic contact import from „Excel“, so You can easily move all Your contacts.

7. How long will it take me to learn using this new tool?

New customers learn to use all Futurus Call functions in an average of 12 minutes. In addition, we have prepared short and clear educational videos for Your convenience.

8. Where will company data be stored and will it be secure?

Your data will be stored in the Amazon cloud and backed up in the „Internet vision“ company servers so Your data would not be lost if one of the servers failed. No former employee of the company will be able to "take away" the data, as only the head of the company will have the export function.

9. Why does this mobile app only work with the „Android“ operating system?

Unfortunately, „iOS“ does not provide access to certain data, so „Android“ users have an advantage in this case.


Price from 9 eur/mo. per user.

If You want an individual plan, contact us

The most popular plans:

5 Users
399 eur/mo.
10 Users
599 eur/mo.
30 Users
499 eur/mo.

*The price of Futurus calls depends on the number of application users and the quantity of SMS or emails sent through the system.

*Free help on the weekdays.

*10 eur gift for new users.

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